Sarakiniko beach,in Milos is one of the island’s top destinations. Located near Adamas, north-east of Milos and it is easily accessible by car or by boat.

In the past years the Saracen pirates used this cove as their base, and this is how the Sarakiniko beach got its name.

Arriving there the giant white volcanic rocks , that remind us more a lunar landscape, in addition with the turquoisse clear waters will take your breath away.

We recommend you to spend a whole day there, swimming, cliff diving, and sunbathing. The beach is ideal for snorkeling so do not forgert to bring your snorkel gear with you.

At this point it is useful to say that the beach is not organized and that means you should bring your own supplies like towels, food and water, if you are thinking to spend the whole day on the beach.

In Sarakiniko you can also explore the caves, that have been created through the past times when the pirates according to the locals, used to hide there their loot, by boring tunnels in the rocks.

An other attraction in the area is the shipwreck of “Africa” , that crashed into the rocks during a storm. Not many people know about it, but if you follow the white rocks east of Sarakiniko there is no way to miss it!

If you wish to visit Sarakiniko then do not hesistate to contact with us, to organize for you a full experience on a private excursion.