Sidari Canal d’amour – Corfu

Such a romantic area, a beautiful bay surrounded by colors, coves and cannals. According to a local myth, the couples who visit the canal, will get married soon.


Myrtos – Kefalonia

Crystal blue waters, long sandy beach, and its wild beauty are some of the reasons why Myrtos is one of the most popular destinations in Kefalonia.


Porto Katsiki – Lefkada


You can approach the beach by boat or by foot through a short path. Either way the beach and the landscape are worthy!

Porto Zoro – Zakynthos

Shipwreck might be -and that is not unfair- the most popular destination in Zakynthos. But while your stay there you should also visit Porto Zoro, a wonderful beach located south in Zakynthos.


Gidaki beach – Ithaca

Unspoiled beauty, wild nature, crystal clear waters, a magical destination that will offer you peace and relaxation.


Mesovrika beach – Antipaxoi

The ideal destination for those who love yachting. Grab the chance to rent a yacht and enjoy this lovely beach.


Othonoi, Mathraki, Ereikoysa

Located north-west of corfu Othonoi, Mathrakoi and Ereikoysa are three islets worth to visit, because of the simple and pristine nature. Ideal destination if you love snorkeling. The only way to access the islands is on a yacht.